Tanishkas from Shripatraywadi successfully solve the water-crisis!

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Tanishkas from Shripatraywadi successfully solve the water-crisis!

Once women resolve to do something, they get things done! Inhabitants from Shripatraywadi recently witnessed this. With the help from local group of Tanishka Foundation, a silt excavation drive was conducted by the inhabitants. The drive was enormously successful as the participants ensured that there’s enough water for everyone for the entire year.

Sakal Relief Fund facilitated this dive through a funding of Rs. 1.5 lac. Tanishkas then took help from villagers and during Wednesday, Sunday mornings initiated the silt excavation and canal widening process. Women from the age of 5 years to 80 years actively participated in the initiative. Later, men also joined the movement. The activity which was started in the month of May with people contributing their efforts everyday. Representatives of different local organizations also participated in this movement. All this efforts resulted into widening and deepening of the canal of 2 kms in length. Looking at enormous active participation from the local people, Manavlok and Mahajan Trust from Mumbai sent one J.C.B and a Poklen to Shripatraywadi, which were later used to create a plane bottom for the canal in the area of 40 hectors.

This collaborative effort from Tanishkas and Sakal Relief Foundation has lead to a facility that can accommodate 1 crore 24 lac litres of water. The population of the village is 800. The villagers require about 3 crore 84 lac litres of water every year. The village currently has 30 wells, most of which are currently being fixed. For a person, 40 litre a day water can be considered to suffice. Rest of the water can be used in agriculture.

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