What is Tanishka Women’s Network Foundation?
Tanishka Foundation is a peer to peer network of voluntary forums that works towards restoring dignity to women at the grass root and ensuring social, political and economic empowerment. Tanishka Foundation aims to encourage and energize women with the ability and problem solving capacity to speak up, be decision makers, create visionary change and realize the full potential.
What does a Tanishka Foundation provide for women?

Tanishka environment provides the following:

  • Safe Environment
  • Honesty
  • Friendliness
  • Openness
  • Mutual Trust
  • Mutual Respect
  • Confidentiality
What are the guiding principles of Tanishka Women’s Network Foundation?

The social transformation process of Delivering Change Foundation is based on the ST 7 (Sakal Trinity Model) having the following guiding principles:

  • Participation – Women centered and gender responsive
  • Have consensus of the women
  • Inclusive (all segments of society)
  • Accountable and Transparent
  • Creating a sustainable mechanism for women network to operate and scale up from local to national to global platform
  • Equitable and ensures equality
  • Efficient and make changes
  • Adhere to the laws of the land
What is the purpose of Tanishka Foundation ?
The overall purpose of TANISHKA FORUM is to strive for the betterment of women at the socio-economic and emotional level. The purpose of the forum is to create an exclusive woman-to-woman network, across the regions where the Forum is established.
Is Tanishka a Trust or an NGO?
No it is neither a Trust nor an NGO. This is voluntary forum led by the women for the women.
Who can be Tanishka members?

Any woman who is interested in joining the network can become a member of the network. Following is the criteria for being a member of the group

  1. 24-65 years old
  2. Needs to be a registered voter in the Indian Electoral System?
  3. Needs to have good communication skills
  4. Willingness to work on social issues
  5. Needs to have a mobile to establish linkages between members
What is the age limit for becoming a Tanishka member?
Any woman irrespective of her class and caste and in the age group 24-65 years can be a member of the Tanishka Foundation
Is Tanishka a pressure group or influence group?
Tanishka can be both as a pressure and well as an influence group. The role of Tanishka depends on the projects and can differ from project to project.
Why is Rs. 700 charged as membership fees to the members?
Tanishka Foundation has an annual membership fees which is charged for providing member kits, training of members, Health awareness and screening camps like the diabetic retinopathy, dental check-up, haemoglobin check, get tips for good parenting, effective communication skills or time management. What is more important is the participation in such initiatives makes a common platform available. Coming together via this platform, meeting regularly and exchanging information and thoughts benefit the women and helps them to create their own identity.
What is the link of Tanishka and Sakal Media Group (SMG)?
Tanishka is part of the emotional connect programme of Delivering Change Foundation (DCF). SMG is a media partner of DCF for branding, alliance partnerships and also providing a platform to Tanishka externally.
Whom to approach if a woman is interested to become a Tanishka member?
The woman can approach the SAKAL Media Group at 10 locations in Maharashtra (Ahmednagar, Aurangabad, Jalgaon, Kolhapur, Mumbai, Nashik, Nagpur, Pune, Satara, and Sholapur). Members can also fill in an online form available on the TANISHKA website the link is as follows
What will external stakeholders get if they partner/collaborate with Tanishka?

The partner get

  • Wealth of information to provide customized and scalable solution
  • Robust and proven result oriented methodology
  • Network sharing opportunities with global partners
  • Skilled team and project implementation expertise
  • Standardized knowledge sharing platform
  • Training and Development for managing network for partners
Does Tanishka have a global presence?
Tanishka is collaborating with The Women’s Project (TWP) an NGO in Mexico to replicate the forum. The guiding principles and values and modus operandi will be the same as in Maharashtra, however the issues of women will be country –specific.

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