Tanishka make Navargaon drought-free!

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Tanishka make Navargaon drought-free!

Kurkheda (Gadchiroli): Members of Tanishka Foundation initiated a movement to establish proper water supply facility in Navargaon. After running behind the local government officials from the Grampanchayat for 3 hours, water supply was reinstated. At first, the government officials were not co-operating with the locals, but persistent efforts by Tanishka members and the villagers finally turned out to be fruitful. Ms. Sarita Nakade, local co-ordinator, Tanishka Foundation discussed scarcity of water in the region with the villagers and understood why the issue was ignored by the government bodies for more than 2 years. Due to this, women in the village had to roam around in the neighborhood in search of water. In summers, all of wells get dried up, plus with non-functional hand-pumps there’s no option for usable water. Even when the new pipelines were installed from Navargaon, the supply wasn’t initiated. All the issues have been tackled now with ample water supply to the village.

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