Tanishka comes to the rescue of Chichada!

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Tanishka comes to the rescue of Chichada!

Nagpur: It’s been 3 successful years for women from Ramtek, Shitalwadi who joined hands to form the local Tanishka Foundation group back in 2013. The success came in the form of multiple constructive activities and initiatives undertaken in the neighbourhood such as rehabilitation of a village called ‘Chichada’. At first, when they visited the village it was in damaged condition. Forget development, the village was deprived of basic civic amenities such as clean water, roads and electricity supply. Topics like employment were out of question. To understand the problems faced by the villagers, members of Tanishka Foundation visited them from time-to-time and discussed the issues they faced. On March 26th , 2016, the first meeting was held to discuss the strategic road-map. The crucial first step was taken to resolve the issue of drinking water. Out of 8 hand-pumps in the village, 6 were non-functional. Even the ones that were functional did not have clean drinking water. Tanishka members requested government officials to repair the hand-pumps and kept following up with them till the hand-pumps were repaired and could be used for drinking water. Finally, there has been an abundant supply of water in the village.

Active Tanishka Members:
Group Head/Co-ordinator: Ms. Yogita Gaikwad
Members: Ms. Durga Londhe, Ms. Rameshwari Londhe, Ms. Sulochana Dhurve, Mr. Anjir Varkade, Ms. Lata Kshirsagar, Ms. Rashmi Kathikar, Vijaya Thakre, Ms. Aruna Meshram, Ms. Nanda Maske, Ms. Chhayatai Vanjari.

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