Tanishka Foundation Members Enable transportation in small villages across Satara!

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Tanishka Foundation Members Enable transportation in small villages across Satara!

It’s been centuries since Jalagewadi village came into existance and it’s been almost 68 years since the State Transport came into existence in the state of Maharashtra. However, the inhabitants of Jalagewadi, a small village situated at the foothill of Patan, Satara had never seen an S.T. bus in their village.

The local Tanishka Foundation members hence decided to resolve this issue and finally a state transport bus was welcomed with fireworks by 5 villages in the neighbourhood. Jalagewadi is a small village that is nestled at a foothill near Chafal. The inhabitants have to walk for about 5 kms everyday as there are no facilities located nearby. All these years, students, patients and ladies had to plod through muddy tracks to nearby villages. However, recently after the construction of dam downhill Chafal at Uttarmand, a road was constructed between Jalagewadi and Mathnewadi. Villagers demanded to have a state transportation facility on the same. After following up with local government officials multiple times, the demands of the villagers were not fulfilled. At last, members of Tanishka Foundation from Jalgewadi decided that they will figure out this issue once and for all. They constantly got behind Area Controller, Patan requesting him to process the application. This led to the inauguration of State Transportation facility between Umbraj, Jalagewadi and Nanegaon.

The bus which leaves at 7:30 am everyday from Umbraj was welcomed by inhabitants of Jalagewadi, Kavathekarwadi, Chavarwadi, Suryachiwadi and Nanegaon. Mrs. Chhayatai Fadtare, Co-ordinator, Tanishka Foundation; Mrs. Nanda Fadatare, Sarapanch. Members of Tanishka Foundation Mrs. Nanda Salunkhe, Mrs. Rani Salunkhe, Mrs. Deepa Jagdale, Mrs. Chhaya Salunkhe, Mrs. Shamim Patel, Mrs. Sangeeta Salunkhe, Mrs. Vidya Salunkhe, Mrs. Nirmala Salunkhe and hundreds of women from 5 neighbouring villages were present at the inauguration of the State transport bus. They felicitated Mr. D. B. Salunkhe, Conductor; Mr. B. N. Jadhav and Mr. Shrirang Salunkhe, Drivers at the ceremony.

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