Tanishka Foundation’s helps digitalize a school in Jambhali

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Tanishka Foundation's helps digitalize a school in Jambhali

After struggling for months Tanishka Foundation has become successful in digitalizing a Zilla Parishad School in Gondiya District’s Jambhali Village. For this, the members of Tanishka Foundation offered to collect

contributions from their own pocket and from the villagers. However, this was not possible as the economy of the entire village was dependent on agriculture and the parents of the students were not financially able to contribute. The members of Tanishka Foundation insisted that the children of this village too should get educated via Computers and Tabs. They also requested the district council for funds so that even

the tribal children are educated via Computers and Tabs. A statement regarding this was given to Mr. Gangadhar Parashuramakar, District Council member on 5th April, 2016. Taking immediate notice of this

Mr. Gangadhar Parashuramakar proposed this to District Council. The District Council sanctioned Rs 2 Lakhs for digitization of the school and now these fund will be used to buy two computers, a projector, screen and other school materials. Tanishka Foundation members were determined that the inauguration of the digital classroom in the school will be done before the students join the school this year.

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