Tanishka Women’s Dignity Foundation reaches Mexico

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The Tanishka Women’s Dignity Foundation initiative, promoting socio-economic transformation through women to give them a place of honour and respect, has reached Mexico.

Tanishka Women’s Dignity Foundation reaches Mexico

Mexico City:The Tanishka Women’s Dignity Foundation initiative, promoting socio-economic transformation through women to give them a place of honour and respect, has reached Mexico. The Tanishka Foundation Mexico initiative was announced by Elisa Salinas on behalf of social organisation, The Women’s Project Foundation in a recent press meet.

The Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Ricardo Salinas Pliego of Grupo Salinas and Abhijit Pawar, Chairman & Founder, Delivering Change Foundation (DCF), on December 2 in Mexico City. It is a joint effort of Grupo Salinas, Fundacion Azteca in partnership with Sakal Media Group and DCF.

Explaining the purpose of the initiative, the CEO of Azteca Novelas said that the purpose of the initiative is to create groups of women in urban, suburban and rural communities to raise a problem that ails the community or the neighbourhood.

“Tanishka will be working alongside The Women’s Project Foundation,” the CEO of Azteca Novelas said.
Tanishka Women’s Dignity Foundation reaches MexicoSpeaking on the occasion, Elisa Salinas lauded the over 5,000 Tanishka Foundation success stories across Maharashtra. She informed that the initiative has reached over 1 lakh women in just a year-and-a-half. She added that women had come together to combat social and financial insecurities.

The preparations for launching Tanishka Foundation Mexico will be carried out in a month in which groups of 20 women will be formed to tackle various problems.

These groups will be formed in urban as well as rural areas. Various social problems will be tackled by these groups.

“Fourteen years ago, we started an effort to ‘What we shut women’ programme. The intention, at that time, was to offer solutions to women, be a mirror that reflected. Yet they knew that there were more opportunities to do different things and live differently,” said Elisa.

According to Elisa, women can identify the solutions to their problems in order to live their lives as per their wishes.
Tanishka Women’s Dignity Foundation reaches MexicoIt was after realizing a need to empower themselves that Mexican women became aware of Tanishka Women’s Dignity Foundation. They also came to know that the Tanishka Women’s Dignity Foundation is conducting various activities. The positive and broad impact of these activities on the society was felt by the Mexican women.

Ricardo B Salinas Pliego. President of Salinas Group, has expressed the need for introducing Tanishka Women’s Dignity Foundation in Mexico.

He said that the community and society will make progress only when women in the family become self-reliant and make progress. The Mexican society also has a need to empower women for the overall growth.

Making a special mention of success stories of Tanishka Women’s Dignity Foundation, he termed his initiative as a social revolution. “Women can create a special place for themselves in the centre of social renaissance,” he pointed out.

Abhijit Pawar, Founder Director of Delivering Change Foundation, underlined the importance of Tanishka. Pawar said that management skills were incorporated during the training of women from urban and rural groups.

“We never catagorized women as a weaker section of society. Nor did we glorify Tanishka as a means for women’s empowerment. The only criteria for involving women into the Tanishka Foundation was their individual capacity,” Pawar said.

According to Elisa, women in Maharashtra are becoming increasingly self confident.

The Women’s Project is joining hands with TV Azteca to create synergies with the Mexican government, civil society, the private sector and the media to kick off the project, Elisa added.

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