Tanishka ‘gudhi’ installed at Kolhapur’s Mahalaxmi temple

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The Tanishka Women's Dignity 'gudhi' was installed at the historic Mahalaxmi temple in Kolhapur on Thursday, marking a new chapter in upholding the dignity of women in society.

Tanishka ‘gudhi’ installed at Kolhapur’s Mahalaxmi temple

Kolhapur: The Tanishka Women’s Dignity ‘gudhi’ was installed at the historic Mahalaxmi temple in Kolhapur on Thursday, marking a new chapter in upholding the dignity of women in society.

On Gudhi Padwa day, people in Maharashtra hoist the ‘gudhi’ to usher in happiness and prosperity on the first day of the Hindu New Year.

The Tanishka ‘gudhi’ forms part of the Tanishka women’s dignity movement launched by the Sakal Media Group’s Saam Marathi television channel in January 2013. The Tanishka Foundation will work at enhancing the dignity of women, motivate people to respect women and do away with the unjust treatment given to women.

The ‘gudhi’ was installed at the temple with a puja performed by sportspersons of Kolhapur which included weightlifter Varsha Patki, powerlifter Snehankita Varute, shooter Radhika Barale, wrestler Sugandha Mane, chess player Rucha Pujari, international cricketer Anuja Patil, wrestler Nandu Aabdar, football player Ajinkya Gujar and district sports officer Navnath Fartade.

19The Tanishka movement aims at destroying the exploitative attitude of society towards women. Groups of women, working in a systematic framework under the Tanishka Foundation will execute this movement. The aim is to show that with the support of society, women can be a great support to women. For this, women will need to come forward and help and respect other women.

Sakal Media Group’s chief editor Shriram Pawar, general manager (publications) Vivek Kulkarni, unit manager Ravindra Raikar, resident editor Manoj Salunkhe and others were present for the function.

Significance of the Tanishka Gudhi

The Gudhi is hoisted on Gudhi Padwa day at the doorstep or balcony to welcome the new year. The Tanishka women’s dignity forum, an initiative of the Saam Marathi Channel of the Sakal Media Group, ushered in a new era of women’s dignity in the society by installing a Gudhi in the Mahalaxmi temple of Kolhapur on Thursday.

Chaitra Pratipada, which is the first day of the Hindu new year, celebrated as Gudhi Padwa symbolises the victory of good over evil and a day of new resolutions. The resolution of dignity towards women has been made through the Tanishka Foundation , which will endeavour to restore the honour of women in society.

Numerous Tanishka Foundation groups are already active across the state solving the problems of women. Men should support these women. The Sakal Media Group is extending its wholehearted support to this movement. The call centre started as part of the movement is actively involved in addressing the problems of women in the state and is getting overwhelming response.

Through this campaign women will find ways of physical, psychological and economic security. The regular meetings of the Tanishka Foundation s established all over the state will eventually lead to women’s empowerment.

Scooter rally salutes women’s dignity

Kolhapur: Young women dressed in traditional attire took part in a scooter rally to mark the hoisting of the traditional Tanishka gudhi in Kolhapur on Thursday evening. The women raised slogans for the Tanishka women’s dignity movement and were greeted all along the two km route. The scooter rally which began from the historic Dasra chowk saw the participation of women from all corners of Kolhapur.

The rally was preceded by an impressive gathering of young women which included students from the New English Medium School, skaters of the Amateur Kolhapur Skating Association, Bapuji Salunkhe Skating School, Panchganga Vihar Skating Club and Jnana Prabodhini Skating Academy. Young girls dressed as Tararani staged demonstrations in Indian martial arts.

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