Health is Wealth!

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Health is Wealth!

Women’s health is of utmost importance in order to make the new generation strong and competent. Realizing the importance of health amongst women, the Tanishka Foundation from Ranjangaon organized a health camp in the region.

The camp was inaugurated by Mr. Pradeep Kand, Chairman, Zilla Parishad in the presence of dignitaries such as Mr. Mangladas Bandal, Chairman, Construction and Health Committee; Mr. Maansingh Pachunkar, Deputy Chairman, Market Committee; Dr. Bhagwan Pawar, Zilla Health Officer; Dr. Priya Deshpande, Director, Vishwa Clinic; Mrs. Swati Pachundkar, Sarpanch & Tanishka Coordinator, Ranjangaon; and Mr. Prasad Thipse, State Head, Tanishka Foundation.

The health camp witnessed massive participation from women of Ranjangaon and nearby regions. The efforts undertaken by the Tanishka Foundation were appreciated by the villagers.

According to Mr. Pradeep Kand, “Apart from their family and children, women also need to take care of themselves and their health. In this fiscal year, the Zilla Parishad will organize a health check-up for women to particularly examine their haemoglobin levels. I invite the Tanishka Foundation members to be a part of this initiative.”

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