Tanishka Foundation celebrates International Women’s Day in a unique way!

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Tanishka Foundation celebrates International Women’s Day in a unique way!

Anemia is a major health problem that has been diagnosed in women in the recent years. The government has been implementing a number of measures to reduce the adverse effects of Anemia on the health of women.

The Tanishka Foundation team from Pune decided to take up this issue and on occasion of International Women’s Day organized a special video conference wherein the health experts interacted with women from all across Maharashtra regarding Anemia. Present on this occasion were Mr. Pratapao Pawar, Chairman, Sakal Media Group; Mr. Shriram Pawar, Chief Editor; Mr. Malhar Aranakalle, Editor; Dr. Patil , District Health Officer, Pune; Dr. Vijay Ramanan, Hematologist; and Dr. Priya Deshpande, Gynecologist.

According to Dr. Patil, “In our state 50% women suffer from Anemia. She also expressed concern over the iron and calcium deficiency observed in women living in the rural areas of Maharashtra. She also recommended a medication and counseling system to be implemented throughout the State and to be made available to everyone.

Mr. Prataprao Pawar appreciated the efforts undertaken by the Tanishka Foundation. He said, “ Without taking any financial support from the government and with the help of the Sakal Relief Fund by conducting several activities, Tanishka Foundation has built a massive water storage of over 250 crore litres.” He also asked the members of Tanishka Foundation who are conducting several activities in health sector to take time out of their daily routine and exercise daily for at least half-an-hour.

Dr. Ramana explained the importance of haemoglobin count in simple words. He said, “ While talking about haemoglobin, people speak about ‘Haemo’ as a component whereas they completely forget about ‘ Globin’ as a component. Even after being treated for the low levels of Haemoglobin, people should also test themselves for minor Thalassemia and other tests. Every woman should take care of her own health and follow a healthy diet routine.”

According to Dr. Pawar, “A comprehensive campaign has been undertaken by the Health Department of Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) to reduce the risk of Anemia in women. The health inspection drive has already been started by the Tanishka Foundation and now the team should try to reach out to women of all classes.”

Mr. Shiriram Pawar inspected various activities undertaken by Tanishka Foundation. He said, “ The Tanishka Foundation has gone global. Their work has been acknowledged and appreciated by people across various countries. The movement has started in Mexico too.”

The event concluded with a session wherein members of the Tanishka Foundation asked several questions related to the health of women and experts gave detailed answers.

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