Sulabha Kshirsagar, Social Doctor

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Sulabha Kshirsagar, Social Doctor

Sulabha Kshirsagar, Social Doctor (Nursing The Society Back to Health)
Initially aspiring to become a doctor, Sulabha Kshirsagar has done graduation in Arts. However, her dream was fulfilled when she joined Tanishka Forum and became a Social Doctor, curing problems afflicting societies today.
Give women a platform to regain their respect & dignity by solving water, sanitation & environment related issues as a team. Increase the percentage of women voters & women employment in the village.

She wanted to become a doctor, but family problems and other things led her to take up Arts instead. However, when she became a member of Tanishka, her dream of becoming a doctor was fulfilled when she started curing the ailments of the society as a whole.

Sulabha had grown up in Pune and knew the disparities between the urban slums and IT Parks & modern infrastructure. Pune was home to very poor people who wouldn’t even get the basic facilities, and it was also home to top-notch elites who had everything one could dream of. In Tanishka, she got an opportunity to expand her spectrum in the field of women empowerment. Tanishka provided her impetus and she became an inspiration to others.

After going through several hardships concerning her family, she took to learning nursing. She also took up several vocational courses like sewing, knitting, beauty parlour, fashion designing, etc, and then joined politics. The demise of her husband left her broken, but her family encouraged her to get back on her feet and work towards the betterment of society.

She worked diligently towards women security & domestic violence and succeeded in improving the system of law & order. She also made significant contribution towards slum development by building over 750 cemented houses in 2 years with a finance of just Rs. 47,000. To promote employment, she motivated women to start packaged food products’ business by providing them with adequate supplies. Post her angioplasty, she continued working on eradication of child marriage, promoting environmental development, constructing public toilets, etc. Then she started ‘Pustak Vaacha Abhiyan’ to promote reading habits and education in young girls. Now she wants to work on child trafficking.

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