Liquor-vending Hands Now Busy Vending Snacks

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Liquor-vending Hands Now Busy Vending Snacks

This is the story of Mrs. Lata Sarje residing in Tardoli village, Baramati taluka who received formal education only up to the seventh grade. Latabai supported her family by taking up hard labour jobs along with her husband. There was no guarantee of daily employment as they lived in a drought affected area. At times, it was difficult for the entire family to even afford a meal throughout the day. To support the family and raise her children, they started selling liquor; fully knowing the risks involved. She was caught between the devil and the deep sea – disrepute as a lady vending liquor on one side and the constant fear of police action on the other. She was charting a perilous course as she was unable to find an alternative.

Latabai was just managing her house and making ends meet when Tanishka members started an anti-liquor movement in the village. Again, the prospects of managing the household expenses and supporting the entire family started haunting her. At this juncture, Tanishka members contacted her and offered help in starting a small scale business of selling eatables for earning her livelihood. With the support and help from Tanishka members, Latabai started a small snacks center. The hands that once filled liquor glasses, were now busy preparing snacks. The snacks center was located on the busy Morgaon – Baramati road and received a good response from customers right from the start. The aroma of tea, vada-pav and other snacks prepared by the family gathered travellers and local residents from around the village.

Earlier, Latabai found it difficult to earn even hundred rupees a day by selling liquor; she now earns around three to four hundred rupees a day. Moreover, the satisfaction of leading a respectful life in itself was something worth a million. She now wants to renovate the existing snacks center which is made out of a few metallic sheets and bamboos. Members of the Tanishka Foundation have achieved their task of restoring Latabai’s respect by providing an alternate means of livelihood which has improved the lifestyle of her entire family.

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