‘Liquor Ban’ – A Boon

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'Liquor Ban' – A Boon

‘Liquor Ban’ – A Boon (Paving Way for Development)
Alcohol was a known evil of this tribal village, causing broken homes and social unrest. Tanishka members joined hands to implement a liquor ban and succeeded not only in banishing the curse from the society, but also brought development to a starved sector in Maharashtra.

Making the villagers realize the harm that liquor was causing them and showing them a picture of the bright future free of alcohol. Getting village elders on their side and getting government schemes implemented in their village through local governing bodies.

Far away from civilization, tucked deep into the innermost regions of India, Chatanepada is a tribal hub, home to the Bhilla community in Maharashtra. Government schemes hardly penetrate to such regions and they remain un-developed, with no water, no shelter and no food for the populace. However, like many other tribal hubs, Chatanepada also was victim to alcohol addiction for a long time. In order to free the village from this evil curse, Tanishka members Laxmibai Kor, Nimbabai Pawar and other ladies resolved to form a united front and worked relentlessly to create awareness about the family & social issues linked to alcohol addition. They genuinely appealed to the villagers to forget their internal strife and groupism and unite for the greater good, liquor ban. Next, they approached the women involved in the production of liquor and persuaded them to stop it. Eventually, they passed a resolution that liquor will neither be produced nor consumed in their village.

As the next step, Tanishka ladies surrendered the production material for country liquor to the local police station and gave an application to the local Gram Panchayat (village governing body) to pass a resolution to blanket ban liquor in their village. Their efforts finally paid off and the Panchayat handed over a copy of resolution to the Tanishka Group.

Now the Tanishka Forum has moved on to solving other problems in the village. They are trying to get all the central & state government schemes implemented, including water and shelter related schemes. Under the rural housing scheme of Government of India, a new locality is being built for the villagers and it is proposed that it be named ‘Tanishka Nagar’ as a tribute to the hard work & determination shown by the Tanishka ladies.

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