Bridging the Hearts

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Bridging the Hearts

Bridging the Hearts (Father Abducts Daughter – Tanishka Intervenes)
With no real evidence of domestic violence, but only domestic skirmishes between a couple, events boiled down to the father abducting his new-born child and taking off. The helpless mother sought help from the police, but with no luck. Finally, Tanishka women stepped in and they not only forced the police to file a formal complaint, but also reconciled the couple for the sake of the little angel.

Discern the sensitivity of the matter; force the police to file a complaint and take action; reconcile the couple for the sake of a new-born baby.

Sangeeta and Deepak Mane, a couple from Pune, were married for 2 years with no real evidence of domestic or alcohol abuse, but with frequent fights and issues on domestic matters. Then, they had a daughter and Sangeeta went to her parents’ to rest and recover. One day, Deepak showed up, intoxicated, and asked her to get back to his house with their new-born child. Sangeeta was in no shape to even get down from the bed, let alone move back and take charge of the household responsibilities. She requested more time, but in a fit of rage Deepak snatched the baby and stormed out of the house at night. The helpless and petrified mother and her old parents went to the police for help, but in India, a parent taking away a child is not considered a crime. The police refused to file a complaint.

Someone suggested they get in touch with the local Tanishka Forum. The Tanishka Members met with the mother to understand the sensitivity of the matter. They then went to the police station and forced the police to file a formal complaint. A search of Deepak’s village, which was 50 km away from Pune city, was carried out by the police and the father and daughter were found. After 3 traumatic days of being away from her infant child, the mother was reunited with her angel. The Tanishka Forum took stock of the legal implications of the father’s arrest on the welfare of the child and came to the conclusion that counselling the couple was the best option, keeping in mind the cultural and community norms and the overall well-being of the child. The police agreed and a formal meeting was arranged between the couple in presence of the Police and the Tanishka team. Now, Deepak is committed to giving a lot more respect to the mother and care for the child.

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