Support for the Candidates in Tanishka Elections

Pune: “Social development often takes place through women working towards the development of the state. Hence we fully agree that women should support each other, and therefore we support the candidates in Tanishka elections”, promised the women representatives of Khandelwal community.
The women of Khandelwal community showed up in great numbers for the meeting organized in Sakal office. They not only praised this initiative by Sakal, but expressed a desire to be a part of Tanishka forum in future. They opined that Tanishka Forum offers a platform for women to develop their leadership skills. This also helps women to find solutions to their issues and eventually help these women to make a mark in various fields of their choice.
“Women have time and again proven that they can confidently work in their field of choice. Many families from the Khandelwal community are settled in Pune. We are definitely going to urge the women from our community to cast their vote during Tanishka elections. Additionally, we would also urge our acquaintances from other communities and religions to cast their votes. This will ensure that women support each other. The elected representatives would also actively engage in social work”, said Monal Khandelwal, the president of Khandelwal women forum.
Another member Kamala Khandelwal agreed to this and said, “women often have to manage both fronts-their homes and their work. They also give active contribution to the field of social work. Sakal has created an opportunity for women to express themselves. We would definitely ensure that women from our community actively participate in Tanishka elections by casting their votes. This meeting saw participation of Alaka Khandelwal, Rekha Khandelwal, Deepali Khandelwal, Meena Khandelwal, Manisha Khandelwal, Krishna Khandelwal, Meera Khandelwal, Sangeeta Khandelwal, Garima Khandelwal, Padma Khandelwal, Pushpa Khandelwal Lalita Khandelwal, Sheetal Khandelwal and Urmila Khandelwal.

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