Tears of Joy

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Tears of Joy

Pune : Irregular and inadequate supply of water in Mundhwa had left the residents with ‘empty pitchers and teary eyes’. Irregular timings of water supply, low pressure, inadequate infrastructure in relation to the population, old and cracked leaking water pipes were some of the main causes for the inadequacy in supply of water.

The Tanishka Foundation came forward in resolving this issue by conducting a survey of the entire area and studied the prevailing situation. During the survey, Tanishka members discovered a huge pipe-line that was laid five and a half years back, but was left incomplete. Members took charge of submitting a request to the officers in the cantonment board, issue of orders by the Mayor regarding the necessary work, verification of the work by the officers, connecting, cleaning and maintenance and repairs of pipe lines in the surrounding area. After connecting the pipe-lines, the water supply throughout the area improved.

The issue was finally resolved after four months of sustained and positive follow up. Water now reached the third floor under its own pressure which was earlier pumped with the help of electrical motors.


“We were experiencing water shortage for several months. However, the issue has been resolved due to the follow up by the Tanishka Group and we now receive adequate and regular water supply”, said Jaya Bhongare, a resident from Mundhwa.
Tears of Joy

“Tanishka members followed up the water problem in Mundhwa relentlessly. We were also working towards providing adequate supply of water in this area. We have now restored the supply of water by bringing improvements to the existing pipe lines as well as through new connections. There is still a lot of work in progress to restore the water supply in the neighbouring areas, which has been taken up on priority.” – Nana Randhave, Branch Engineer, Cantonment Water Supply Department.

“Follow up was done at different levels through the Tanishka Platform of Sakal. With the help of members and support extended by the municipal administration and the local representatives of people, we have also appealed to the residents to use water judiciously.” – Sukanya Gaikwad, Tanishka Group Leader, Mundhwa

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