Tanishka Foundation makes Malgaon drought-free !

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Tanishka Foundation makes Malgaon drought-free !

Malgaon is a small village comprising just 600 people in Maharashtra. The village was facing a scarcityin supply of drinking water. Tanishka Foundation members indentified this problem and with the help of ‘Sakal Relief Fund’ came up with an initiative to solve this problem. Tanishka Foundation team cleaned the banks of the river and the entire embankment. This took the Water Property of the village to 10 Cr Litres. It also enabled around 50 hectres of land in Malgaon and the surrounding villages to be irrigated.

The initiative was headed by Mrs. Alka More from local Tanishka Foundation and was executed with the help of Group Coordinators Mrs. Meena Baag, Mrs. Yoja Patil and Mrs. Rekha Patil. Before this initiative, the village was dependent on water tankers for the last 32 years. However, due to seamless execution of this initiative, the village has till date never asked for a water tanker. A similar activity was conducted last year by the local Tanishka team with the help of ‘Sakal Relief Fund’ during the ‘Jalyukta Shivar’ initiative. This initiative received and overwhelming response from the villagers. The efforts undertaken by Sakal Media Group and Tanihska Foundation in making villages like Malgaon, Pendgaon and Bhadgaon drought-free have been appreciated by the villagers. They have expressed their gratitude towards these initiatives through mass participation in such initiatives.

This year Tanishka Foundation has planned this initiative across four different villages near Malgaon which will help to improve the living condition of the local villagers. Here are some quotes from the local dignitaries from Malgaon:

“The Sakal Relief Fund and Mahatma Phule Jal abhiyan will help to permanently curb the water scarcity in this region.” – Ganesh Misal

“We have not needed water tankers since the banks of the river were cleaned by the Tanishka Foundation team.” – B. A. Kapase, Tehsildar, Bhadgaon

“With the help of the Tanishka Foundation we have made Pendgaon village Tanker free. This year we will make Malgaon Tanker free.” – Meena Baag, coordinator, Tanishka Foundation

“The initiative undertaken by the Tanishka Foundation will help the lake to fill to its capacity and permanently curb the water scarcity issue in the village.” Alka More, Tanishka Group Head, Malgaon

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