My Life in My Hand

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My Life in My Hand

My Life in My Hand (Culinary Skills Find Foreign Markets)
Simple women of one apartment building, known only for their home making ability, joined the Tanishka Forum and started a small scale business right from their homes. Business acumen of one lady and determination of others in the group guided them toward financial freedom, restoring their confidence and helping them find their individual identity.

“We used to live in the same colony, but we seldom met each other,” the Taninshka ladies shared their story. “Doing house chores and watching TV shows were the only things that kept us busy.

However, just cooking well does not guarantee success in the food industry; one also needs business skills. Mrs. Kataria helped these women learn production, presentation, packaging and marketing techniques, along with training on basic financial management, banking, and negotiation, while using social media, phones and WhatsApp to market their products. Thus empowered, the women soon found new pathways in the form of Tanishka Network and gained access to markets across the district and beyond, including metropolitan cities like Pune and Mumbai. They started sourcing raw materials, do budgeting, and launch promotions and benefits, all while maintaining the quality of their products. Their ambition had given them wings and they wanted to soar high in the sky.

One day, the Maharashtra Federation in Mauritius, who wanted to host a Traditional Marathi Food Festival, came to know about this group through Mrs. Kataria. Hearing about their story and achievements, the Federation not only gave them the opportunity to showcase their products, but also invited them to Mauritius. The poor women, whose simple dream was to marginally better their lives, had now hit the global pedestal and were garnering admiration and business all over the world.

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