‘Saheli’ Offers a Hand for Tanishka Elections

Pune: “This initiative by Sakal is really great for women. Women can definitely lead the process of change through this medium”, expressed the members of ‘Meri Saheli Group’ of Jain community. These women also resolved to create awareness amongst women about Tanishka elections and to urge them to cast their vote.
A meeting with women from the Jain community took place in ‘Sakal’ office. “ Tanishka is a positive platform that offers a channel for women to bring out and hone their skills. Women need to unite and come forward to find a solution to their problems. Hence we support the candidates in this election. We would visit maximum polling booths and urge maximum women to vote for the election”, said the group members of ‘Meri Saheli’.
Tanishka helps women develop their leadership skills. It also makes women unite and find the right solutions to the social problems that they see around. This election is hence a praiseworthy initiative, told these women.
Jyotsna Shah said that women should support each other. Hence the group would urge women to unite and cast their votes, and ensure that the Jain community offers their complete support to Tanishka. “We would motivate various housing societies, friends, relatives and our acquaintances to cast their vote in Tanishka elections. We plan to strive for maximum women voting for Tanishka candidates”, said Shrena Shah. A team consisting of Shweta Shah, Suchita Mehta, Sangeeta Shah, Shubhada Shah, Rupal Shah, Manorama Gandhi, Isha Shah was present for the meeting.

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