Shikrapur panchayat buys tractor for garbage disposal

Shikrapur: Responding to demands made by members of the Tanishka Women’s Dignity Foundation, the Shikrapur panchayat has purchased a tractor for speedy disposal of garbage. The local residents had complained that the garbage generated in the four hamlets and the Continue reading

Tanishka members to check if fair priceshops following rules

Baramati: Tanishka Women’s Dignity Foundation members from Malegaon, Panadare in the Baramati taluka have decided to keep a watch on local fair price shops to check whether these shops distribute grains and kerosene as per the rules or not. The Continue reading

Students taught how to make eco-friendly lamps

Pune: Members of the Tanishka Women’s Dignity Foundation from Vasantbaug, Bibvewadi, imparted training to students on how to make environment-friendly sky lamps and earthen oil lamps. Nearly 350 students from Digvijay Prathamik Vidyamandir participated in the training organised by the Continue reading