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25Sonalee Hardikar, an actor, filmmaker, photographer, will give Puneites a peek into Terukkuttu, a fascinating street theatre form of Tamil Nadu at ‘Open Show’, organised by Ayatana Gallery today. Titled ‘An Actor Prepares’, there will be 20-25 photographs of a senior Terukkuttu artiste getting ready to play one of the female roles. The insightful photographs are part of a documentary that Sonalee worked on, along with a team of students from the National School of Drama, Delhi, her alma mater.

When asked how she balances or rather integrates the various streams of acting, filmmaking and photography, she chuckles, saying, “There can be no straight answer to that. It is more a sensorial perception, say of line, form, colour, of whether photography helps me make better frames and so on. It all falls together automatically, but sometimes it may not. However, it certainly opens up avenues and you are challenging yourself on several levels. Ultimately, the objective is always to get a better idea of how to live life, isn’t it?”

Apart from Open Show, Sonalee is currently also busy with starting a national archive for theatre. “There are a lot of interviews that we have to take for this. So, in due course, there will be a website on which people would be able to access master classes by the best in theatre,” she says.
This is the third time that Open Show is being held in the city, the idea being to travel across different spaces and cities and bring out projects that are not seen otherwise. As Vatsala Goel, co-producer of Open Show, says, “There will be two more photographers, Antariksh Jain and Fawzan Husain, along with Sonalee who will be displaying their works. Antariksh, who is just starting out as a filmmaker, will present ‘Jal Jangal Zameen’, a project based on the Baiga tribe in Madhya Pradesh. Fawzan, a senior photojournalist, on the other hand, will present his self-published book, Bombay and Mumbai: 25 Years in Pictures through a Changing City.” Fawzan will talk about the germination of the idea of this book to its realisation, taking people through his journey of documenting the city that never sleeps.

“Open Show is aimed at discussing different aspects of photography without being judgemental. We realised that the engagement as far as this art form is concerned is very less in Pune,” adds Vatsala.

Open to all:

Catch ‘Open Show’ at Ayatana Gallery, Golibar Maidan Chowk, Castellino Road, on Sunday between 6 pm and 8.30 pm. The event is free and open to all.

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