Women form the core of every society. The Tanishka Foundation is a Global peer to peer women’s network focused on ensuring the dignity of women at the individual, household and community level. The network works through fora which provide a universal platform for women to come together via the formation of structured community networks that are supported by a multi-stakeholder ecosystem that identifies and resolves core issues affecting them and ensuring them of a dignified life with emotional, physical and financial security. This is brought about through the implementation of a unique, multi layered structured process that results in tangible changes in their lives across all strata of society, empowering them socially, economically and politically. The Tanishka Foundation stands committed to assuring women of the respect and dignity they deserve, and ensuring that they are at the core of Nation Transformation.
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Emotional Security is based on an integration of self-acceptance and self-confidence, social and political understanding and a personal ability to take a significant part in decision-making and in control over resources in the environment. This ensures every woman has a feeling of self-worth and an aspiration to a better life leading to self-actualization.

This thereby enables women to come together to formulate goals for societal improvement and act as change agents to positively transform their collective situation.


Physical Security is centered around the principles of the fundamental right to life; equality; equal protection under the law, right to be free from all forms of discrimination, right to the highest standard of physical and mental health; right to complete freedom from abuse at the domestic or community level and zero level tolerance for any form of cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. This enables them operate from a standpoint of fearlessness and self-respect, empowering them to take control of their lives and initiate positive change in society.


Financial Security reflects the critical need in society, that in order for women to have a dignified life and fully harness and galvanize their potential, it is paramount that they have stable incomes on par with men in their socio-economic strata. In addition, they must be provided the skills and education required to earn secure & continuously enhanced incomes, with rights to optimal control over land and other critical monetizable resources and equal access to all entitlements and services available in society, thereby ensuring that they have a stable and secure base from which to act in the interests of societal and Nation Transformation.








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The Tanishka Foundation is a social revolution that has been changing perceptions towards women and empowers them to be agents of change. It is a peer to peer platform for women to connect, share and champion the cause of socio-economic transformation emphasizing its relevance across the globe.


“As a Sarpanch I had not worked for the upliftment of the village however the Tanishka Foundation gave me a new identity. I received support from other women and could help women access social security schemes which benefitted them in Bhargaon block of Jalgaon. Today I am the Corporator in Jalgaon and thanks to Tanishka for making me a part of the impactful movement of social change.”

- Yojana Patil, 35 years, Tanishka Coordinator, Jalgaon

“All women of this society are my extended family. I add value to my life when I am able to bring in catalytic change in the lives of millions of women.”

- Phoolan Shinde, 49 years, Tanishka Member, Nerul, Navi Mumbai.

Expanding the Tanishka Footprint
– The Mexico Story

The aim of Tanishka Foundation Mexico, a social program initiated via The Women’s Project(TWP) Foundation created by Elisa Salinas is to promote socio-economic transformation through women, giving them a place of honour and respect. It is a joint effort of Grupo Salinas, Fundacion Azteca and Kybernus in partnership with Sakal Media Group and Delivering Change Foundation. Delivering Change Foundation has partnered with Groupo Salinas in Mexico to launch the Tanishka Foundation which focuses on women’s dignity and the important role of taking women to the core of Nation Transformation.

The program has been initiated successfully with delegations from both DCF and TWP visiting each other’s respective countries to closely align themselves towards understanding how the Tanishka model can be replicated successfully in Mexico.


Abhijit Pawar (Founder and Chairman, DCF), Elisa Salinas (Director, Azteca Novelas),
Francesca Salinas (President TWP), Ricardo Salinas Pliego
(CEO, Grupo Salinas) and Bobby Nimbalkar (Director, DCF).
Francesca Salinas (President TWP) along with members from
The Women’s Project (TWP) visit India.
The Tanishka Mexico team visits Sukhsagar Nagar, Pune to understand the
problems faced by women in India.
Esteban Moctezuma (President, Fundacion Azteca) interacted with
women to know the methodology and operation of the Tanishka Foundation.
The Tanishka Forum Mexico delegates with local Tanishka members
in Medha, Maharashtra.